Pinty Plus - aQua

This new fast-drying, water-based formulation is suitable for both interior and exterior jobs. It is less aggressive on sensitive materials then solvent based paints and being non-toxic is environmentally friendly.

Offering maximum coverage and a smooth, high gloss, uniform finish the Pinty Plus Aqua range allows you to swiftly complete your project to a high standard. Its low odour makes the Aqua aerosol paint more pleasant to use and it can be easily washed off with soap and water within the 15 minutes of application if necessary.

This new formulation is suitable for exterior as well as interior jobs. Applicable on any type of surface including expanded polystyrene. Can be washed with soap and water within the first 15 minutes. Maximum cover, high gloss, smooth and uniform finish.

Technical characteristics:
Coverage: 400ml. = 1.40 m2
Surface dry 1 hour, total 24 hours.
Repainted: after 5 minutes