Did you see our first Facebook Live demo?

18th May 2017

Yesterday we did our first live makeover on Facebook broadcasting from our offices in Hampshire. One of our Pinty Plusesrs Clare used our spray chalk paint to transform a charity shop wicker side table in under 15 minutes. If you want to see how easy and quick it is to use our paint, do watch the video. We’d also be fascinated to hear from you about other things you’d like to see made over live on camera, so please do join in the conversation over on our Facebook page.  

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Vintage typewriter makeover & tutorial with spray chalk paint

10th May 2017

Whilst technology may have made typewriters obsolete, they still hold an enduring appeal to many. In this tutorial we’ll show you how Spanish blogger Krispis rejuvinated an Olivetti machine in under an hour using Pinty Plus spray chalk paint   Materials for this project… 1 can of primer (optional). If you intend to use the typewriter rather than having it just to display, it is advised you coat the enamel surface with a primer so that the paint adheres well and is more resistant to rubbing and wear. 1 can of Pintyplus spray chalk paint spray (take your pick from

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Country Living Spring Fair

4th May 2017

We’ve just returned from a busy four days at the Country Living Spring Fair in London. It was lovely to meet so many existing and new customers and to see so many of you getting hands on with our spray chalk paint in our workshops. If you weren’t lucky enough to be able to attend we thought we’d share a few photos of what our talented crafters created. During our three workshops each maker was given 8 wooden shapes to spray along with some washi tape to mask off sections of the wood We loved the creative spin that our

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How to use chalk paint to dye upholstery

3rd May 2017

One of the most popular questions we received at the Country Living Spring Fair was how to use Pnty Plus Spray Chalk Paint to dye upholstery. This method allows you to apply chalk paint to fabric which then takes the colour of the paint into the fibres, but doesn’t leave the surface hard or crunchy. So as promised we’ve put together a guide… 1. Use a water spray to moisten the surface of the fabric you wish to dye. Don’t soak it, it just needs to be damp to help the colour of the paint soak into the fibres. 2.Start

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March blogger round up

31st March 2017

Here’s a quick look at what our creative Pinty Plus bloggers have been up to during March… Hannah who blogs at What Hannah Did Next has recently transformed this mid-century telephone table to stunning effect. We love her choice of colour of the Evolution paint and how it combines with the bold prints of the Dashwood Studio fabric. Read more over on her blog. Kara at Innocent Charms Chats has used an old frame along with spray paint from our Evolution range and our blackboard spray paint to make this menu planner. I have to say the end result looks

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Upcycling a chair into a flower pot stand

29th March 2017

One of the Pinty Plus Spanish bloggers Cristina, has been busy preparing for spring by transforming and old and broken chair into a plant pot holder! We reckon there might be a few people who have broken chairs kicking around in their garages, but not many who have thought of doing this with them, so here’s how she did it… Here’s what the chair looked like to begin with. First the  chair was sanded down to make the surface even and the broken part of the seat was removed. Apparently Cristian who is a passionate upcycler has actually hung on

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Restoration of Cast Iron Fireplace

14th February 2017

Secrets Vintage Girls show you a step-by-step account for renewing your chimney with Pinty Plus spray paint. Such restorations require an exothermic paint ie. a paint which resists high temperatures. Since the Sandblasting technique is not available to most and requires a team of experts with equipment, you can be replaced the need for this with a very simple solution to the problem: Greenox Pickling spray. Chimney cleaning Having gone through the equivalent of sandblasting with the Greenox Pickling process, it is necessary to clean the surface. Any impurities can affect the paint adhesion. We can do this with a product free of oils or

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Clockwork – Stainless Steel over Plastic

31st January 2017

Today we show you the transformation of a small office by Bricoydeco. We wanted to highlight the new wall colour by decorating it with several clocks decorated with Pinty Plus Tech Stainless Steel spray paint. Here we provide step-by-step instructions on how to convert a plastic wall clock into one that looks like stainless steel by simply using spray paint. The stainless steel spray is ideal to give a new life to old appliances. It provides the elegant and modern stainless steel look and has the advantage that it prevents oxidation. Due to it’s good adhesion, it can be applied to virtually any surface, such as

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Encased Colours

27th January 2017

Are you looking for an original touch to decorate your home? Then you can not miss this example of a decorative feature using spray paint and a glass dome to. This original DIY idea comes to us from our friend Koral Factory Imagination. You will see how he manages to transform a simple glass display dome into a beautiful decorative element for the home.Locked inside the dome are delicate handmade geometric shapes which have been painted with spray paint. It is certainly an idea that inspires different combinations, as you can arrange different objects or figures inside in various colour combinations. Moreover, it is ideal as

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A Positive Change

24th January 2017

“The Best is Yet to Come” is a nice thought to brighten each day. We all need positive encouragement with messages like this, especially at this time of year. Here Masni Dekóració proposes to paint a glass bottle with Pinty Plus Chalk spray paint to highlight this message. Materials: A bottle/jar with relief detail Pinty Plus Chalk paint – white Matte water-based Varnish Universal Primer  (optional) Sandpaper (fine – 360-400) Wash the bottle/jar thoroughly first, we put it in the dishwasher twice as it was quite dirty. Once dry you can proceed with painting. You can paint directly onto the glass with Pinty

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