plastic painting tutorial

How to paint plastic with spray paint

19th April 2018

Do you want to paint plastic, but don’t know which paint is the most appropriate? The following video tutorial will show you the steps you have to follow in order for the paint to adhere correctly. Achieving a perfect result is easier than you imagine! In this video we will see how to paint a plastic laundry cart with spray paint. To ensure the paint adhered well we used our primer for plastics and then finished with an acrylic spray. By the way, the title of this video is Spanish, but there is no Spanish spoken in the video! If

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respraying iron radiators

Before and after renovating the iron radiators with spray paint

3rd April 2018

Do you need to repaint the radiators in your home? Or are you simply thinking about changing their colours so they fit in with your  colour scheme? In either case do not miss this tutorial in which Sara from Mamis y shares her experience when painting iron radiators in her home with spray paint. There is no doubt that when we are faced with a large-scale home refurbishment we have to make difficult budgetry decisions. The home that Sara is doing up had old cast-iron radiators. They were old on the outside, but they worked perfectly so, instead of

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painting polystyrene easter eggs using spray chalk paint

5 crafts for Easter that you can do with your children

27th March 2018

What do you have planned for the Easter holidays? You may have a trip planned or perhaps you just want to spend time with your family and if this is your case, don’t miss these 5 creative crafts for Easter that you can do with the children of the house. You will keep them entertained at the same time as you decorate your home. Decorate polystyrene eggs with chalk paint spray This decoration idea is perfect for Easter. Although we are big fans of eggs of the chocolate variety, we think they look pretty stunning painted in pastel shades with

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How to spray paint a Batman bike

22nd March 2018

Would you like to know how to paint a bike to personalise it and make it unique? Steffi from the Youtube channel Steffido wanted to transform one of his kids bikes into a super bike, here’s how he did it… Materials To paint a bike and transform it into a Batbike we will need the following products and materials: Pintyplus Tech Zinc Spray Primer Primer for spray plastics Pintyplus Tech Pintyplus Evolution metallic spray paint Pintyplus Evolution spray varnish Spray gun (optional) Wrench Masking tape Cleaning alcohol Cloth How to paint a bike step by step The following short video

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Meet the stockist : Charley at The Gift Boutique in Petersfield

20th March 2018

In our first of a series of features on our Pinty Plus stockisrts, we meet Charley who runs the Petersfield Gift Shop. She tells us how her love of crafting inspired her to change career and how her shop once inspired someone to ask a life changing question! How long has your shop been open and what inspired you start it? My shop has been open for 3 and a half years. I started crafting as a way to relax and enjoyed it so much I soon moved on to selling my various makes. After a year of lugging everything

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How to protect metal from corrosion with zinc primer

14th March 2018

Have you got metal you need to protect from corrosion? Or a rusty metal object and you already too far gone? In this tutorial we will show you how to recover metal surfaces and preserve them from the weather with Pinty Plus Zinc Tech primer. In this tutorial Spanish blogger Alberto shows us how to protect an iron staircase from a roof. In the following image it can be seen that it had evident signs of corrosion, which endangered the safety of it.   To solve the problem of corrosion, you need a product that protects the metal. Pintyplus Tech

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Transforming a radiator using spray paint

7th March 2018

Have your radiators yellowed with the passage of time or has the paint begun to flake off? This tutorial will show you how to update their appearance and give them a contemporary look in just a few minutes. Materials To paint a radiator we will need:      • PintyPlus Tech Paint spray for radiators. This type of paint resists up to a temperature of 90 ° C, which is much higher than that usually achieved by domestic radiators. • Pintyplus Evolution Acrylic paint.  You can choose from its wide range of RAL colors. How to paint a radiator with spray

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Six new influencers join our Pinty Plus team

1st March 2018

Over the last couple of years we’ve worked with some great bloggers who have helped showcase the range of applications of our products and as spring is on the way (after the snow has gone) we thought it would be a great time to welcome a new batch of bloggers… and youtubers to join our group of ambassadors. So a big hello to our super six! Hannah from Hannah Spannah is a mum of one who suffers from a number of chronic health conditions but loves baking and crafting. She writes about lifestyle, parenting and health topics. Julie from Sum

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chsi stitches trade show

Pinty Plus at CHSI Stitches

22nd February 2018

    Last week Pinty Plus UK attended the CHSI Stitches trade show. As many of you will know this three day event takes place at the NEC in Birmingham and showcases the latest and best new craft suppliers in the UK. As the fashions and trends of the craft market change so do the range of exhibitors and it was fascinating to discover that in 2018 the largest group of stands were in the knitting and sewing sector. However there were also papercraft suppliers, sculpture kits, stencils, stampers and jigsaw makers   We really enjoyed talking to the many

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How to make stencil templates for paint projects

22nd February 2018

Would you like to know how to make stencil templates? With them you can create your own designs to paint on your scrapbooking works, objects, furniture, walls, etc. Stencils are an excellent resource to print motifs on different objects, especially if drawing isn’t your strong point! Among it’s main advantages are : They are very simple to use They allow you to personalise your design They are reusable They make creating repeated patterns easy Materials to make your stencil templates These are the materials needed to start creating your own stencil templates:      PintyPlus repositionable adhesive spray Acetate sheets for

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